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Power Washing Parking Lots and Structures

A dirty parking lot is bad for business. The first thing customers notice as they enter any establishment is the state of the parking lot and any associated structures, including the walls and ceilings of the building exterior. If they're constantly dirty and unkempt, it will negatively impact your business image. Don't let that be the case for your business.

Scrub N Shine Floor Care and Carpet Cleaning offers parking lot and structures power washing services to businesses of all sizes and types. With 20 years in the industry under our belts, we're equipped with highly specialized equipment and top-grade solutions to leave the exterior areas of your business clean and welcoming.

If you're tired of using a small hose that barely gets the job done, contact our office today at (414) 614-0480. We're happy to schedule you for a power wash cleaning or provide you with a free quote.

Cost-Effective Pressure Washing Service

Getting your parking lot or external business structures power washed shouldn't have to be overly costly. In fact, here at Scrub N Shine Floor Care and Carpet Cleaning, we believe in providing high-quality service at a fair price so that every customer can take advantage of what we offer. When you hire us, you can rest assured that the quality of work you receive will be second to none.

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Benefits of Power Washing Parking Lots and Structures

The bottom line is that customers prefer to give their service to companies that take pride in their image, including the cleanliness of their property. When you invest in power washing, you create a welcoming first impression, which goes a long way. You’re also communicating to your customers that you value their service by providing them with a clean environment. Maintaining your parking lot and structures with a power washing service has many other benefits as well.

Fewer hazards

A dirty parking lot that contains contaminants such as oil spills and other hazardous substances is dangerous. Employees, customers, and passersby can slip and injure themselves, creating a liability for the business owner. Pressure washing will rid your parking lot of hazardous chemicals, making it safer for people and vehicles alike.

Longer lifespan

Like anything in life, regular maintenance is required to preserve your concrete structures' lifespan and long-term integrity. Investing in routine pressure washing is an excellent way to remove buildup from the outdoor elements and other materials that might otherwise damage your exteriors and cause necessary repair work.


Pressure washing parking lots isn’t only an affordable add-on to your business's cleaning schedule but also helps reduce potential costs in other areas. If customers entering your parking lot endure damage to their vehicle, such as a flat tire from debris, you can be held liable as the business owner.

Contact Scrub N Shine Floor Care and Carpet Cleaning to Keep Your Exteriors Clean

Investing in your property is the best thing you can do to save you money in the long run and maintain your business image. We’re a parking lot power washing company with experience cleaning everything from parking garages to airports. Contact our office today to schedule a thorough and effective pressure wash.